Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's the alternative to a brace to correct a wonky tooth?

I'm 27
There are all kinds of options to braces now days. You can get invisialign, labial braces (brackets on the teeth towards your tongue, or clear brackets. See an orthodontist for a consultation. They will explain all of the options and costs.
yank it out get a new tooth
If its only one tooth, you can have i pallet brace that just hooks over that tooth its on a pallet that is shaped to the roof of your mouth %26 its practically unnoticable, apart from a thin wire hooked over the top.But how many people look in your mouth.Or get it removed (which a dentist will not remove a perfectly healthy tooth) %26 have a crown put in.
nothing wrong with a brace ..only alternative is hammer

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