Tuesday, October 13, 2009

When can i start working out after widsom teeth extraction?

hey just got my wisdom teeth taken out today... and i was planning on lifting some weights later... but my mom was like NO... wtf... anyone know how long i have to wait so i can start working out and running again?
As a dentist I can tell you that I usually recommend that my patients always wait to do ANY strenuous exercise, drink from a straw or smoke for AT LEAST 72 hours after extraction. Any exercise can cause the blood clot that forms in the socket to dislodge causing a dry socket. It is best to wait longer (ie: a week), but after the first 72 hours the chance of a dry socket does decrease considerably. Continue to take any prescribed antibiotics and pain medication (as needed) and after 24 hours following extraction you should begin GENTLE warm salt water rinses to help prevent any infection. Cold compresses will also help reduce swelling and will also help remove minor aches/pain you may have after your extraction. Good luck!
I had mine removed and after 1 day I was back on track.
Whenever you want. It's not like you're harming your teeth or gums.
I wouldn't go out and run a marathon the next day, but you can do what you feel comfortable with. Some people are working construction the day after an extraction. I personally was laid up in my bed for about 2 weeks. Everyone is different, and it's all up to how well you feel.but then again... i didn't pass wreb
one day or less
dont lift wieghts for another day or two the high blood pressure can make it start to bleed again un clot the clot, i work with an oral surgeon..
I would check with your dentist to be sure, but don't over do it too soon. I had my wisdom teeth removed many years ago, but I was young and thought I could get back to normal the next day so I helped a friend move. I don't know if it had anything to do with that or not, but I got what is called "dry socket", and it really hurt. I had to go back to the dentist/surgeon to make sure that the gum area would heal properly. Long story short, take it easy for 2 to 3 days as far as working out goes, but do your other activities as you normally would.

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