Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's the average cost for braces given the estimate of 3 years of wear?

Well I can tell you I got my braces a week ago on Wed. They really hurt in the beginning just so you know. Today is the first day I tried to eat anything even close to solid food. My braces are $4,700. It doesn't matter how long you wear the braces, but what exactly you need done. I just have really crooked teeth with no cross-bites or anything so I am really basic, and I am still looking at a lot of money. I am scheduled to have my braces on for 18 mts. Good luck :) Oh and p.s. I had to put $1000 down, plus $1000 in insurance, and my payments are $150, a month :)
We did two kids at $3200 and $3,000.
Different areas have different pricing. In my town its about $4000 and above.
It cost me $5000 in Ca. But it'll depend on the treatment and varies from dentist to dentist. =)

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