Tuesday, October 13, 2009

When can i exercise after getting my wisdom teeth taken out?

Hello, as a dentist myself I always advise my patients not to smoke, do any type of strenuous exercise or drink using a straw for AT LEAST 72 hours and even longer is of course better as this will give the clot time to form and for your gums to begin to heal. Smoking, drinking from a straw and and strenuous exercise can cause the clot to dislodge and whats known as a "dry socket" will form. Once a dry socket has formed you will find yourself back in your dentists office as this is often more painful than before your procedure. I have had patients who smoked as soon as the same afternoon that I had extracted their wisdom teeth and they ended up back in the office the next day for treatment for dry sockets. Best advice is to take any prescriptions (ie pain medication and antibiotics) that your dentist may have prescribed, try not to smoke or do a lot of exercise for at least 72 hours and just sit back and take it easy. Good luck!
whenever you feel like it ,when it stops bleeding
when the pain goes away !
a day or two after you get it done
Depends on what kind of exercise you do. Don't lift weights until after 48 hrs. Taking a walk is ok. You should be ok to do any exercise after 48 hrs.

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