Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's the difference between incisors and canine teeth? (if there are any)?

is it the different terms use to describe the same teeth in human and animals, respectively? or what?thanxxx~
Yes there is a difference.
On the top:
The incisors are the front 4 teeth. The 2 front teeth (big) right in the center are called the "central incisors." Then, on each side of the 2 front ones there are miniature versions of the 2 front ones, called lateral incisors. Then you have the canines, which are have more of a pointed edge as opposed to flat edge. Its almost like a mirror image if you start right between the two front teeth.The bottom:
the same pretty much for the bottom, except all the incisors usually are the same height and shape.Incisors are used to bite into something to eat. (incise)
Canines are used to "shear" food.
Canines are very important teeth, and usually have the longest root out of all the teeth in your mouth.
In the human dentition, canines and incisors are shaped differently and located at different places in the mouth, and canines generally have longer roots than incisors.I don't know if veterinarians call those teeth with different names in different animals though. You will have to ask a veterinarian about that.
Incisors are the teeth directly at the front of your mouth, these are adapted for biting. Canine teeth are the fang shaped ones just after the incisors, these were originally designed to tear into meat. Then you have the pre-molars and molar which were originally designed to chew vegetation

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