Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's the deal with kid's toothpaste and whitening?

I started using kid's Colgate toothpaste (the one that tastes sweet) and it has made my teeth whiter in one week than so called "whitening" toothpaste has had in over a year!Am I mistaken or does Children's Colgate make your teeth whiter?
Usually whitening toothpaste doesn't do a whole lot to whiten teeth. Basically it cuts down on the amount of stain on the enamel. I've never heard of a children's toothpaste that whitens though. It could be that the children's colgate is more abrasive than toothpaste you have use in the past. Usually the more abrasive ( Arm %26 Hammer for example) the toothpaste the better it is against stain.
If you smoke, drink a lot of coffee, tea or soda the more stain you will have. Try to cut down on that if you want a whiter smile.

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