Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's the procedure some people have to get done, where afterwards their teeth look longer??

I read about it online and this woman was very upset because she had to have this done and she said her teeth looked so different after the surgery compared to before. She said her teeth looked really long. I think it is related to the gums. What is it called?
Surgery on the gum tissue when you have excessive boneloss and deep pockets can result in the appearance of longer teeth. To reduce a periodontal pocket, the tooth has to be cleaned along the root surface--root planning. The periodontist may also have to recontour the bone to make it level again-osseous surgery. Tissue removal is necessary in some cases so the patient can maintain a shallow pocket. The term "Long in the Tooth" is related to this appearance. Because gum disease takes years and years to progress, being long in the tooth meant you were an elderly person. People in years past died at earlier ages, so 40's and 50's used to be considered old. Now we are living longer and gum disease is having to be maintained longer. Surgery is sometimes the only way to control the disease process in the gum. You have to decide.is it better to have teeth even if they aren't as nice looking, or have dentures??
Gum Recontouring / Shaping Surgery sounds the most likely procedure from your description.Gum recontouring is sculpting and shaping excessive and uneven gum tissue using laser.It is also called a gingevectomy.If she has had a different procedure, and this is a side-effect of the surgery, she most likely was diagnosed with a periodontal issue and could have been one of several treatments.

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