Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's wrong with me?

Over the last three days my tounge and my gums have been quite sore. I have no back (chewing) teeth. It's this area that sore to touch. I've been using an antiseptic mouthwash and although its helped a little it hasn't got rid of it. My tounge does't look any different than usual, but the gums that hurt have gone very white.Anyone got any ideas what's up?I'm booked to see my dentist in four weeks time. Cant go any sooner, and my doctor is rubbish.
sounds like an infection in the gum which you might need antibiotics for. Most dentists even NHS ones have emergency spaces and I really think you should try and get one. Other that that try taking painkillers every 4 hours for at least 3 days, keep them in your system, and keep gargling with the mouthwash. Have you caught your gum on something sharp, or eaten something that might have scratched your gum? Make sure, however sore it is to do, floss as much as you can because plaque causes bleeding and pain. Hope you feel better soon.
If your gums are white.. sounds like gingivitis.
do a yahoo image search for gingivitis and see if your gums look the same.
If you do not like your doctor and he won't see you sooner go to a different one.Brush and mouth wash every day 2 or 3 times with HYDROGEN PEROXIDE. It will heal you gums. It is about $1.00 per quart and will bubble the poisons out of your gums.
You can find it in the drug department, usually next to the rubbing alcohol. It comes in a brown bottle normally.Why in the world don't you have back teeth? If you to not take care of your teeth and gums they will not really get better.

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