Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's the best way to whiten your teeth?

what's the best way to whiten your teeth? apart from toothpaste obviously... lol!
I used Crest White Strips this year. My teeth were always a hazy shade of yellowish-white beforehand and I wanted to try to whiten them up.Right now there are about 100 different white strip varieties. Some, like the original, you have to apply a messy strip and leave on for 30 min, others are only 3 minutes and have a nice mouthguard shape. However, the original white strips are $10 or more cheaper than the newer ones and that's saying something seeing how the original ones still cost between $20 and $30.After using the original strips twice a day for 2 weeks I noticed a dramatic difference in my teeth color. I highly recommend them if you can commit to wearing them every day.
bionic white.
Take bleach and mix with water then swish it around in ur mouth
the whitening strips are good or brushing with toothpaste that contains whitener in it.
Well most dentists generally advise that if you want a job done right you need to get it done professionally. People will try and sell you alot of things which claim to make your teeth whiter but if you really want something that is guaranteed to give you visible results - get a cosmetic job done from the people who are paid to do it.
Real Simple magazine's current issue has a section on teeth whiteners, comparing the best of different types including overnight treatments and toothpastes that purport to whiten teeth. I would suggest you get a copy or go to the local bookstore or library and look it over.
I have found that baking soda works and Listerine whitening mouth wash.
You'll have to see a dentist. He (she) will polish your teeth extremely white.
go to ur dentist, have them take your impressions for a custon fit tray and do the take home bleaching. that's really the best way in getting the job done. don't waste you money on the laser bleaching. the take home bleaching is still the best
1 part peroxide 1 part water. Swish in mouth.Crest Whitening strips (make sure they're even though)
If you don't want to spend a lot of money, try Crest Whitestrips Classic ($14)or Crest Whitestrips Premium ($30) The results last 3-6 months, depending on the original shade of your teeth. Also, using Crest Vivid White $3-$5 helps speed the whitening process.
I used Crest Whitestrips, and although they are a bit costly, it was definitely worth it in the end. I noticed a big difference and so did a lot of my friends. I would suggest buying the 7-day premium package because after a while, using the classic 28-day package, I became very lazy and did not want to put them in my mouth every day for an hour. It doesn't entirely break down your tooth enamel either, just if you have fillings for cavities in your teeth, they might wear down, it happened to me once. I hope I helped. Thanks, -wrooney97

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