Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's d meaning of "Gotta go, my MEDS are kickin' in."?

lol! I love that audible, I use it to make peeps think I'm crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lolllll
Depends upon what is going on. In a game, their meds might interfere with their concentration on the game (falling asleep on the keyboard). Chances are they don't want the side-affects of their meds to interfere with what you and him/her were doing (like falling asleep at the keyboard).
A person has just taken some medication, and it is starting to take effect. Sleep medication is a common one, that as it takes effect the mind starts slowing down and does not process information correctly. This can also be from strong pain mediation, anti depressants or any medication that has a slowing effect. Other medications can also have similar consequences if there is a feeling of euphoria when taken. If you feel anything in your head from medication it can cause you to be unable (possibly) to do ordinary tasks.
Um.just what it says. A person who's on meds that makes them sleepy needs to go and sleep it off and can't conertrate on anything

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