Tuesday, October 13, 2009

When brushing your teeth are you supposed to brush your gums too?

As a dentist I can tell you that brushing your gums are an absolute must. This helps get rid of extra plaque build up and prevents the bacteria from building up and starting to decay a tooth (IE: cavity). Brushing the tongue is also important as this also helps get rid bacteria that cause bad breath etc.
Yes you should brush you gums. You should brush for two minutes as well. I actually time myself. I want to make sure I am doing it right. I use a manual too. I floss daily and and use mouth rinse daily. It has paid. I receive praises from my Dentist and I have wonderful teeth. Brush those gums! They need it too!
Yes, you can even brush your tongue if you want.
Absolutely. Poor gum health is one of the major causes of loss of teeth. Brushing gums helps improve circulation to the gums, and ultimately the teeth, which in turn improves their health. Be gentle on your gums however - massage them with the toothbrush!
Yes, but GENTLY. If you don't, you can get gum disease. But if you do it too hard, you can actually wear your gums out. I learned that the hard way. Good question!
Yes Yes. Gum is a must to brush.
My Boyfriend who's a dentist told me that; gum is the key to a set of healthy teeth. Without healthy gum, you wouldn't have healthy teeth.
The correct way of brushing is; brush down from the gum to your teeth for the top %26 brush up from the gum to your teeth for the bottom.
Hope this info helps.
Yes, brushing gums is imperative for oral health and overall body health. There are detailed and simple to follow instructions on how to brush the teeth and gums and also how to floss correctly at www.denta-med.com.au. It's written by a dentsit. The Denta-Med gel is an antibacterial gel that uses nanoparticles for the first time in any oral health product. It's excellent stuff.
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  1. Hi am louise and am 23 right now i am having problems with my gums teeth and the right side of my head so i havent had that much sleep in a week. So i started brushing my teeth and my gums and using warm salty water to gorgle your moth with. But that dident work so today ive just been savers and got a whole lot of things for my moth and ears i got oraldene mothwash which you can get from any where and that works amazing it helps for my gums to taake the pain away and my bad throat. If anyone has a bad throat or gums i advice you to get that as it works wonders and trust me i know because am a big baby when it comes to pain lol. Also for my ears i got olive oil eardrops and that has worked wonders to also change your toothpaste to sensodyne rapid relief because that is just brill i started using it like a month ago and its awsome. Then get some eye drops i just got the icare one its cheaper but does the same but also dont forget when you have got all these rush back home take them all then after take 2 ibuprofen and 1 or 2 paracetamol the 500mgs and do this every 4 hours with the ear drops eye drops and oraldene mothwash and then just brush your teeth as normal twice a day once at night and once in the morning ok hope that helps. Time for me to take my pain killers lol x