Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's good for bad breath?

What can I take to elimated my bad breath problem.
proper oral hygiene. brush regularly, preferably after meals. use mouthwash. have regular dental check ups. and watch the food that you eat.
Brushing your teeth and tongue, mouthwash, mints, a stick of gum... Take your pick.There aren't any long-term treatments or cures. You just gotta handle it as it comes.
use mouthwash constantly
I would try getting a toothbrush that has a tongue cleaner.
A mouthwash.
Sugar-free gum gets rid of pieces of food in between your teeth and leaves a minty fresh smell.
brushing your teeth and using a good antibacterial mouthwash three times a day will usually deal with any halitosis. If this doesn't work for you, you may want to consult a dentist, you could have a disease process working against you.
Brush your toung. And whatever you do NO SMOKING. Smoking makes the worst mouth odor in the universe.Try lightly brushing gums too.
I said lightly!!
Brush and floss twice a day. Stay away from garlic and onions. Eat yogurt with live cultures every day. It helps aid digestion and breaks down enzymes in your digestive tract.
Look for a product from BreathRX. The company manifactures this device that you use to scrape your tongue. THAT is where all the bad breath germs hang out! The company also manufactures a toothpaste which is REALLY good and a mouthwash that you can use as well. Floss all you want, and you will benefit in terms of health from all the flossing, but it's on the tongue where the smelly germs are!Another issue may be that you are a mouth-breather. There was an ex-gf who was a mouth-breather, and her breath ALWAYS stunk SO badly. :-%26 She was nearly drinking the mouthwash, but it didn't help.Good luck.
Yes, brushing after every meal, flossing once a day but also visiting your dentist once a year for a check up, getting a professional cleaning at least twice a year. If you haven't seen your dentist in more than 2 years your bad breath could come from cavities or infections that you are unaware of. Even if you don't have a tooth ache!! If you haven't had a cleaning in over a year you could even have gum decease. You should also see your physician. Your bad breath could come from other health problems, stomach related for example. Especially if you have acid reflux.
Flossing is very important, I had the same problem, I tried everything, I like nice fresh breath flossing twice a day will improve, brush gently with a soft brush get a tongue scraper, get the back of your tongue. also go to the fruit store and buy aloe vera Juice it will help your breath..
and like the young lady said earlier sugar free gum when your mouth is feeling dry.
Assuming you are doing all the right things related to proper oral hygiene, brushing, flossing, regular visits to the hygienist and that you are otherwise healthy (no diabetes, acid reflux, etc.) your bad breath problem is most likely the result of "volatile sulfur compounds" in your mouth. You need a product that will reduce the amount of volatile sulfur compounds. BreathRx is a good one as previously mentioned but the one I prefer is called Smart Mouth. It is made by Triumph Pharmaceuticals. It was recently featured on The Apprentice. Hope this helps.
A few seeds of cardamom chewed for a brief while will clear your mouth of bad breath. Chew parsley leaves,which are sure to keep your breath fresh. More useful remedies at http://useinfo5.blogspot.com/
Get a teeth cleaning. Use a tongue scraper. There's some with a brush on one end and a scraper on the other. Brush gently in a few directions then scrape. Brush with a soft bristle brush for about 2-3 mins. Floss daily. Sugarless gums help too. Drink plenty of water. =)

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