Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Whats the correct medical term for jamming a fragment of crisp between tooth and gum?

And the term for scraping the inside of your cheek with crisps?
The correct term for the 'Jamming of a fragment of crisp between tooth and gum' is 'Owitfookinkills'. I was not listening in Med Class the day they did they scraping term! Sure it is something preeetttty similar though.
Which flavour?
toothus blockious scrapus memouthus withcrispus
the latin is stuckinthetootheus
Fuckin sore...
Annoying and painful.
bastardcrisptryingtokillmeouch... syndrome
when it happens to me the usual terms are TWAT and CU*NT
Be careful! I had a Pita chip break off in my gums and it totally got infected! I don't eat that crap anymore!
'Ffs that hurt' is what I use...Followed by turning the air blue with various expletives coz I can't get the bugger out :(

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