Saturday, August 8, 2009

What the hex?!?

Okay..I got my braces off a week ago Thursday. I was happy with them when I first got them off, but now they just look bad. I've been wearing my retainer faithfully and they're just not doing it for me. It seems as though I have a horrible overbite and my teeth aren't aligned as well as they were right when I got them off. My mom called and set me an appointment for tomarrow morning. What are the chances that they put braces back on? and am I paranoid or could my teeth really have changed that much? I just hate them and feel as though getting braces on was a waste of time for them to turn out this way.
An adjustment period occurs after you get your braces off, unless they screwed up you shouldn't have to get the braces on again. One of my friends wore braces for 8 years, and didn't like how his teeth came out!
How long did you wear braces on your teeth? Sometimes it is not your teeth that are out of line, but your jaw. If you were in braces for over 2 years, you may need jaw surgery to correct the overbite. They will put you back in braces if surgery is needed, but not for very long usually. Stop looking at them so critically, it'll only drive you crazy..Good luck.
It's possible for teeth to move quickly. If you have been faithfully wearing your retainer, it may not fit correctly. An evaluation by your orthodontist is a good idea. Because it's only been a week since your braces came off, more conservative measures may be possible than putting braces back on. Your orthodontist may recommend a bonded retainer, which is a small piece of wire (no brackets like with the braces) that is bonded to the back of your teeth to hold them in place. It's not uncommon to have this done for at least a year or more to prevent movement of the teeth.If you are unhappy with the way the teeth look now and going through braces again would not change that, cosmetic dentistry may be an option for you. Your primary dentist and your orthodontist can consult with you and your parents about the treatment options that would best serve your particular situation. Good luck!
It is highly unlikely that your teeth shifted in just a few weeks especially if you have been wearing your retainer. You mentioned you have an overbite. Most people do have their top teeth out a little further than their lower teeth. If yours are out a lot, it may be that you did not get enough corretion and braces alone won't do it. It is hard to say without seeing pictures. You should probably look at some orthodontists websites for before and after pictures to get some perspective on your results. You may be overly critical of your teeth.

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