Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What is the small sore bump behind your two front teeth?

This depends...has it always been there or did it just come up?Is it on the top or the bottom? If it is on the top, when you close your teeth all the way together, do your bottom teeth hit behind your upper front teeth where it is sore? If so, this is just the way your bite is.It may be that you ate something that nicked it. Give it a couple days and see if it goes away.This is where I think you are referring to:
right where the incisive foramen is located.
Erm, I don't have that, so I'm guessing it's not normal... sounds like inflammation in your gum, go see the dentist.
This could eeither be gingivitis, or i sometimes get this bump also when I eat chips or anything hard. so take it easy on hard foods...
not everyone has this. it must be something going on with you. probably a gum irritation. rinse with warm salty water a few times - should improve.

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