Saturday, August 8, 2009

What would happen if i didnt...?

forgot to wear my retainer 1 nite(i have been told to wear it every nite)
Take it from me. I have worn orthodontic applieances for the past few years of life now. If you forget to wear your retainer for one night, your teeth will not fall out or go back into their original horrible position. Remember to put on your retainer before bedtime and also try to keep your retainer clean when not wearing it. As a rule, I try to wear mine every night but I do forget on occassion. Good luck!!
My sister wore a retainer for while..and there were several nights she forgot..But wear it everyday if you've been told, you'll only see results then! good luck!
Prob not much. But don't make it a habit. Doing that often or more days will give a greater chance of having your teeth shift. Wear them as long as your Ortho recommends to keep your teeth straight. Good luck! =)
U will get a skanking from the retainer police when I tell on u !!

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