Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What is the easiest way to pull out a tooth?

I have this baby tooth and i really want to pull it out i have had it for over 2 weeks i want to pull it out but without it hurting so how do i pull it out without it hurting?
Well everybody has the right ideal here about pulling a baby tooth that is loose. The old string trickt does work. Tying the string around the tooth and either pulling it fast with your hand or tying it to the door knob and shutting the door fast. Either way it goes, it is not like the pain of a dentist pulling a solid tooth out. It only last a second and it is over.Here is a good trick that my Aunt taught us to pulling a tooth out that is loose. Make sure the tooth is really loose first. Take a wash cloth and put it over the tooth that is to be pulled out. Then with your fingers over the tooth to be pulled out, "pinch" the tooth and pull it. The wash cloth "grips" the tooth for a good hold and it comes out easy. The old string trick is a good one.As for going to the dentist to get a baby tooth pulled out, no don't do that, that is if it loose. That is wasted money and time. Now if the baby tooth is still solid and is bad, yes go to the dentist to have it removed.Most times if the baby tooth is loose, it will come out on it's own, but don't leave it in there for a long time waiting for it to come out on it's own. Some times they need help. As the adult tooth comes in, if the baby tooth is still there, the adult tooth might not be able to "push" the baby tooth out for some reason or other and will grow over the top of the baby tooth. I know as this happened to me.
you cant pull it out safley on your own you need to go to the dentist. when i had a loose tooth my dad used to say tie string around it and die it to the door handle and slam the door. but i dont reccomend it lol. go to dentist least they will be able to numb it first,.
leave it alone and let it fall out naturally. If it's loose, sometimes it will get stronger again.
To pull it out using tweezers, -or the old way we used to do it was to first tie a string to it and then tie the other end of the string to a doorknob, and then slam the door.
don't touch it, it'll naturally come out because the other new tooth will push it out to make room for itself.
good old door knob and a piece of stringwrap one end of string around tooth, other end to knob, then slam the door and voila'! out comes toothy!
so maybe this isnt completely painless, but it doesnt hurt really at all. and if it does, its only for an instant
Easiest way is a visit to the dentist. My mom use to tie a string and pull it while I closed my eyes. Or it'll come out by itself while eating something slightly hard.

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