Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What is the best way to whiten my teeth quickly and effectively?

I had some crowns put in on my front top teeth and they are alot lighter than the rest of my teeth...can you tell me a way to catch the others up quickly for a wedding this weekend?
wat is the toothpaste ur using now.
paint them
you can try using some strawberry..it whitens up our teeth...
Try Crest White Strips.
Rembrant mouth guards..instead of strips they are actual mouth peices that feel more comfortable..this is affordable for only 32..at your nearest walmart..or walgreens...
Crest White Strips. The Renewal and Classic line always works for me. I've been using them for almost 4 years. There's also the Premium line, takes 7 days. Or some dentists offer the Crest Supreme. With any of them, you'll see results within a couple of days. The key is to stick with it as long as it says to get max results. Good luck!

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