Saturday, August 8, 2009

What willl happen if i cut the webbing under my tounge will it be able to go out frther?

if i cut it i want my tounge to get longer like KISS and do chicks like long tounges for "special" purposes
My webbing broke from an intense and suction-filled kiss! It bleed and hurt quite a bit.I don't find any difference - personally.This "kiss" I received was from a guy that didn't have a long tongue at all. He kissed amazingly and everthing else amazingly.I say don't do it. You either have the gift already or you don't. Women generally prefer stimulation while the tongue is flat anyway. You can just move your head around, not your tongue.Lenthening it could make it look gross. Many of my friends think the Gene Simmons tongue looks disgusting.Hope whatever you decide works out for you.
Yes it gets longer, and no, chicks don't dig it. Have a doctor do it if you decide to do it, but, yuck, gross.
yeah it would get longer
I heard that its there for a reason. Like if you cut it out you can choke on it and die like in your sleep and stuff. This sounds weird but i believe it because when i was little i tore mine and could swallow my tongue.
what kind of "special" purposes? *wink* *wink*
anyways. dont do it dude
if u do, then get it on video and post it on youtube.
that'll be some funny jackass material right there
Chicks will dig it, but only in the bedroom, don't do it in public... but if you do it in the bedroom, on a certain area, girls will LOVE it... u should get it done lol
um, i guess it would be longer, since there was nothing holding it back. but there would be a lot of blood, and you would have to re-learn to speak, im sure...
it can affect your speech skills as well as swallowing.
very ill advised
Your tongue will not be any longer than it is today, nor will it stick farther out of your mouth if you clip it. It is highly risky, too. There are more blood vessels in and under the tongue than you could ever imagine; you really don't want to mess with that!
Personally, it's not how long your tongue (or your dick) is, it's what you do with it. You boys don't get it; for some reason, you think that penetration with anything is the ultimate pleasure for a woman. You couldn't be farther from the truth.

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