Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What is the correct order for baby teeth, and what if they come in different?

Roughly speaking baby teeth come in as follows:Incisors at 6 months
First molars at 12 months
Canines at 18 months
Second molars at 24 monthsUsually the lower teeth come in advance of the upper ones. These figures are the average and considerable variation is common. I don't think teeth erupting out of order is generally anything to worry about. If you are still concerned see your dentist.
There technically is no correct order for baby teeth to come in. Usually the top two front teeth come first, followed by the lower two front teeth, that is not always that case though, I have 4 children and they were all different. They have no dental issues.
I was discussing this with my doctor yesterday because my daughter's baby teeth are concerning me. The doctor said the order is as follows:
-Bottom center 2 teeth
-Top center 2 teeth
-Bottom outer 2 teeth
-Top outer 2 teeth
But she also said not to worry about it and to see a dentist when all her teeth are in, around age 1. Hope this helps.
No worries, every baby is different. I worried because my 1st two had teeth by 4 months and my 3rd child didn't get a tooth until he was 11 months. But they are all fine.
The answers above are all correct. There is an "expected" order, but it's only a general trend. It's not a big deal if they come in different.http://www.drspock.com/article/0,1510,53... talks about baby teeth in general.

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