Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What is the maximum number of times you can drink green tea?

in a day.
The same leaves or new cups of leaves? You will know when the first batch of leaves is used up because your tea stops tasting like tea. Most of the caffeine is extracted in the first round of hot water, though, so if your goal is to wake yourself up, get fresh leaves each time. If you're asking about new cups of tea, I seriously doubt you can drink enough green tea to give yourself caffeine poisoning. Surely you would recognize ahead of time that you are getting extremely nervous and hyper and lay off the tea for a while.If this is in the "dental" section because you're worried about its effects on teeth, I don't know what the effects of caffeine are on fully grown teeth. You'd have to find a dentist or the latest medical research to find that out.I was able to find at least a couple citations regarding this, though:"""
The negative effect of caffeine on calcium absorption is small enough to be fully offset by as little as 1-2 tablespoons of milk. All of the observations implicating caffeine-containing beverages as a risk factor for osteoporosis have been made in populations consuming substantially less than optimal calcium intakes.
A caffeine intake of 400 mg. or less per day does not increase urinary losses of calcium as long as calcium consumption is at least 600 mg.
"""So whatever you do, make sure you're getting enough calcium from your diet even while you're drinking green tea like a fish in water. Remember that calcium needs to be spread out over the day. Your body can't absorb all the calcium it needs from one meal.
What made you get the idea that there is a limit on your consumption of green tea?

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