Saturday, August 8, 2009

What should I do about my teeth?

What should I do? I mean I can't get braces, but my teeth are so croocked some people even offer to pay for them for me!
It is really embarassing and I really want to change them. What can I do untill I do get braces? My teeth are so crooked I don't even smile that much anymore in pictures!
My teeth are crooked and ugly. I hate them!!
Sadly, I don't think you can do anything about it until you get braces. You could use the old fashion technique (why I didn't need braces) - - my grandmother used to put me in a headlock and squeeze my front teeth together. After 3 years of that (once a week) my gap was gone and it was FREE!!
the only possible thing is braces or retainers
you should get invisalign. my friend had them and her teeth look much better
I'm really sorry but i dont think u can do anything until u get braces...just try not to think about it so much. If you could go on with crooked teeth for this long, why cant you do it for a little longer?
well i hate to say it but there isn't much else you can do to fix crooked teeth except get braces. you didn't say the reason why you can't get them, or if you plan on getting them in the future so i can't really help you.
Sounds like braces are the best fix. If you are an adult, you might look into getting veneers.. they are porcelain overlays for your teeth. They are permanent.. but they are expensive. If your teeth are healthy, then I'd try braces. ( I don't know why you can't get braces... other than the money, and alot of places will work out a payment plan for you. )
If you're sure you'll get the braces at some point, then find another quality about yourself to focus on, and don't damage your self esteem anymore with negative talk about your teeth. Perhaps your eyes are lovely, or you have great hair. Keep that in the forefront and remind yourself that your teeth are TEMPORARILY out of alignment. I'm sure you've heard this before, it's not what's outside but what's inside that counts, and make yourself happy with your positive qualities.
There's not much you can do on your own. Braces will help. If it's the cost, ask if they offer a payment plan. I had no insurance and paid $100 a month for a few years. Veneers are pricey and I prob won't go that route if they're healthy already. Call around for prices or ask your dentist to recommend one.You can do a close mouth smile or just show your teeth slightly if it makes you uncomfy. Or just smile like reg. I have friends who have crooked teeth. I don't even think it's that bad but they always say it. I think we're our worse critics, lol. I love watching the joy of their faces with a full on laugh. I love it. Ignore the rude ppl who come up to you. Get them when you can or comfy to. Btw, I've had braces before. Good luck!
You need braces. If the cost is your main concern, check this out. You can get braces about 50% off. Some dentists will work out a payment plan with you.Will that help you?Get details here:
You have to go to the dentist. Remember to floss and brush after every meal. If you aren't old enough to have braces the dentist can still help.
me too. Maybe try invisalign.

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