Saturday, August 8, 2009

What should i do about my bad breath?

I brush my teeth and garglr some mouth wash (Scope) but my fresh breath only lasts for 1 or 2 hours. What can i do about that?
Bad breath can be prevented by brushing and flossing teeth regularly, do so especially after you eat. Don't forget to brush your tongue also, that is very important. Chew minty gum when you feel that your breath might be stinking. Try to stay away from garlicky, ranchy, or foods with onions. Even soda can give you bad breath! And we all know smoking makes your breath small also.
Good luck %26 hope this helped =)
The bacteria may be building up in your teeth and causing problems, also check what you eat. From
Hi Juan,
Chew some fresh parsley ( natural way) or breath mint gum. My youngest daughter brought her tooth brush to school all her friends thought she was crazy but she's never had a cavity in her life %26 she's almost 25. Have a good day.
Dont eat food which gives bad breath, like onions garlic and stuff.. Brush properly.. and brush your tongue lightly in the process.. And keep drinking water.. It will get rid of your bad breath..
Mention it to your doctor. Sometimes bad bread is a symptom of other health problems. Please check this website
first of all, consult a dentist. a dentist would know what else is supposed to be done to that kind of case.brushing ain't enough in this case... maybe the dentist will give guidelines such as the kinds of food you are allowed to eat. If you are also a sm0ker, then you have to quit.

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