Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What is the reason the mandibular first molar retained sealants better than maxillary?

because maxillary is working against gravity while the mandibular is always being pushed in from the weight of your entire cranium being supported by your mandibular teeth
Could just be a difference in the pits and fissures. Could be the way your bite occludes. Could be a number of things.
Deeper grooves possibly, if you chew ice or anything hard like that it can chip sealants off. If you eat anything sticky like taffy/carmel it can pull them off, grind teeth can knock them off, when the sealants are placed they put a cleaner to clean out the pores and grooves of teeth so the sealant will stick good sometimes certain teeth get cleaned better than others, If at anytime during sealants water/saliva gets on the tooth it weakens the bond of sealant to tooth and it will come off. General wear b/c of bite. Generally they stay on 1-3 years sometimes longer if really successful (this usually depends on age when placed). Sealants placed on 6 years olds usually don't hold as long as those placed on 16 year olds b/c they can hold stiller and are more cooperative.

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