Saturday, August 8, 2009

What sort of foods are good for a person who just got their wisdom teeth out?

My best friend is getting her wisdom teeth out tomorrow morning. I want to bring her something. I know it probably shouldn't be solid food. What should I bring her?
Smoothies that can be "eaten" with a spoon are great. %26lt;No sucking through a straw!!%26gt; They have a lot of nutrients and can be blended well. Also- mashed potatoes or soup/broth (if she wants something warm.) And the classics- jello, pudding, yogurt and ice cream. Don't forget a movie she can watch too :)
jello, soup (no chunks), pudding, ice cream, yogurt. soft things.
WARM---not hot---soup. Nothing soft till MAYBE tomorrow night or Tuesday ----nothing hard until at LEAST Friday.tell her to take 6 to 8 sandwich bags and put ICE CUBES in them----she will need them for her cheeks tomorrow when she comes home from the surgery----ice packs like this will help with the pain AND keep the swelling down..
This is what I lived on when I got my wisdome teeth out:Pudding
ice cream
mashed potatoes
soup Its all considered soft or liquid so she wont have to chew it at all or much! I wish her luck it's not a fun time!! I was lucky and had a very quick recovery and that is what I hope for her!
Ice cream or jello.
Cold or room tempeture food for the first day. Soups (blending it helps), ice cream, yogurt, jello, porridge, anything that you don't need to chew. I drank a lot of water and juices too. Bring her some of her fav movies or magazines since she'll prob be resting all day. =)
ice cream with help ur month the pain, but it slow down the healing
soft foods, like yogurt, puddings, jello, anything that doesn't need alot of chewing, also she may not be able to open very wide, I would take her some of the individual pudding snacks in her favorite flavor's
When you have had your teeth taken out there's really nothing you can eat except for soft foods and soup. Sometimes it's not very appetizing but it causes less pain than hard food.

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