Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What is wrong?

I just noticed that at my very back tooth, the gum or whatever it is is swollen and it hurts. It feels like something is stuck in my mouth and I can't get it out. Does anybody know what this could be? Thank you.
If you are talking your third molar area, bottom, we might be talking about a flap of tissue or gum over a part of your third molar. It feels or might be swollen because many things get into that flap and can cause infection because bacteria has a way of growing if food stays there without being brushed or when it is undisturbed. The solution usually is to surgically remove it, a procedure called operculectomy. If you are talking about the gum between teeth, then that is another story. You might want to check with your dentist because it is difficult to gauge what a condition is without looking at it.
Lots of stuff, popcorn, sunflower seed, etc. If it is swollen go see the dentist to get it checked b/c if something really is stuck it can develop an abscess just like an infected tooth can. If an abscess develops you could lose bone around that area. And it will hurt even more. Keep the area flossed, brushed, and try rinsing w/ hydrogen peroxide to kill of any extra bacteria that are back there under the gum. See the dentist.
if it won't come loose with floss I sugggest going to the dentist. it could be an infection, something irritating it, beginnings of gum disease. The dentist will be able to fix you right up.
Hey. It could be something wedged between your tooth.. l've had that feeling before and it really sucks! Try flossing back there and see if it feels any better. Also, if you dont already have your wisdom teeth, it could be them coming it..I get that every once in a while and it gets majorly swollen and painful. Other things it could be, but I kind of doubt are gingivities or preodontal disease. My dad had perodontal disease and it caused a ton of pain and rotting. For now just try flossing, brushing, and gargling some sort of mouth wash back there to clean it up and remove bacteria. But I bet its just something stuck between your teeth somehwere..and it nothing else helps to get it out, try chewing gum! I hope this helps! Good luck%26take care! :)

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