Saturday, August 8, 2009

What year of age do people lose there teeth?

Ive lost alot of teeth because i could not afford to see a dentist
And i cant stand my smile ,should i get the rest pulled and get dentures or try and save the ones i got?:(
You can apply for HMO Blue, which is the Medicaid insurance coverage for people 20 yrs and older. (You neglected to mention your age, I'm going by your screen name.)I would suggest that you not pull your remaining teeth for a few reasons:1.) There is no denture or appliance (implant, bridge, etc.) that will be as strong or comfortable as your God-given teeth,
2.) It is way more expensive to try to replace teeth than to repair what you have, and
3.) There are dentists who will volunteer to do your work pro bono (yes, free) if you allow them to use your case as an example of their work or for a dental convention presentation. The age an individual loses his/her teeth depends on a number of factors: oral care/hygiene, habits (smoking, smokeless tobacco), genetics, medications that were prescribed tht have negative effects on teeth (tetracycline, methadone). My grandmother began to lose her teeth at age 16 due to the fact that the water quality in her hometown had no standards.If you have no luck finding any information, I can call my old boss and see what program it is for which she volunteers. She's done some beautiful work, not for the money; but to give a smile to people like you that just need.
You can keep your teeth until you're 100 if you take care of them. I think you should have the ones you have if you can. You can get partial dentures to fill in the spaces.
we'll i know what your talking about the bad teeth my life time
my parents spent alot money on my teeth growing up and it seems like i am still spending money if personal appearance affects your life i would say fix the problem now.

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