Saturday, August 8, 2009

What toothpaste should people use? What are some do's and don'ts?

I always hear different things - like no baking soda, or yes baking soda. Or less is more... So what's best?
If you have sensitive teeth stay away from the harsh abrasives like baking soda. Stick to the usual Crest, Colgate. The main objective is always use a toothpaste that has fluoride, and the ada labels.
i use crest but i prefer colgate...and im not sure about the other advice
My dentist recommended Colgate Total because it has a combination of triclosan to fight gingivitis. Sensodyne for sensitive teeth. Baking soda is effective in whitening teeth. But I heard most whitening toothpastes don't' give great result. Because they're on your teeth for too little time. Finding one that you like and brush longer with can give better or same results. I think any toothpaste that has fluoride is good.

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