Saturday, August 8, 2009

What percent of people need their wisdom teeth removed/extracted?

You should always have your wisdom teeth taken out. Most of the time your mouth is not large enough to have them and that will cause your other teeth to shift and move. It is also hard to keep them as clean as your other teeth because they are so far back so they can get infected very easy.
My seat of the pants answer is 50% or less.
Eighty percent
Dont know but count me in the stats, just had mind done yesterday!
If you need a statistic, check with an oral surgeon or google. Generally, the rule of thumb is, if they (your wisdom teeth) aren't causing any pain, or shifting of your teeth into an abnormal position, dentists tend to leave them 'in'. However, if they become 'impacted' (growing abnormally under the gum) they can cause problems, infections, and possible damage to other teeth.
there really is no percent. don't let people lie to you. It goes on family genes are personal growth. i know that my father never had his removed and my mother just got hers removed. when they took my exam they only have to remove 1. and its not even that bad... two of them are even growing... they aren't there.

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