Saturday, August 8, 2009

Whatis a good way to witen teeth other than wite strips of treatments?

Brush them with baking soda as foldit45 said, or with a fresh straberry . You can use the baking soda in the morning and the straberry at night.
im not a dentist but cutting back on soda, coffee that can stan your teeth. if you smoke that also plays a big part..
brush them with baking soda.
To keep teeth bright and prevent yellowing, you need to remove the staining bacteria. This is exactly what happens when you chew certain foods that produce a high salivary flow. So, in addition to apples, take a bite out of guavas, pears, celery, carrots, sugar cane, cauliflower, and cucumbers. Another benefit: The fibre in some of these foods physically works to clean teeth and remove bacteria. Two more tips to keep teeth bright:1. Watch out for dark foods and beverages. Anything that can stain a white T-shirt can stain your teeth too. That means most varieties of berries, as well as soy sauce, red wine, many fruit juices, coffee, tea, and cola. You dont have to avoid them altogether, but immediately after indulging, rinse out your mouth with water, chew gum, or brush your teeth.2. Keep in mind that citrus fruits contain acid that can cause enamel to deteriorate over time.?

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