Saturday, August 8, 2009

Whats a good mouthwash for everyday that wont stain your teeth, my son has been using Cordosol and has been?

told not to use it all the time as it stains your teeth.
Act is a good one for kids. It's red but doesn't stain your teeth and doesn't leave a nasty after taste for hours like some do. Also it has a sort of pump in each bottle. You squeeze the bottle and a resevoir in the top of the bottle fills up. makes it quick and easy for kids to get the right amount with out a mess and with out waisting paper cups. And it isn't really harsh won't make your eyes water and it got a mild taste so kids won't refuse to take it ... :D
Colgate's new ones are pretty good and recommended by my dentist.
Anti bacterial too :)
my favorite is crest pro health it doesn't burn your mouth at all !
I like the Rembrandt because it gets your teeth semi white before you even brush. My teeth alwasy feel super clean afterwards.
it is the best mouthwash though there was another one can't remember the name ask the pharmacist it was at my local pharmacy that told me about it
The traditional mouthwashing solution is saline (salty) water. The solution need not be strong; enough salt to taste obvious without being unpleasant. Swallowing a bit of it won't be harmful, and can even be beneficial in warm weather. Generally, though, it should be spat out rather than swallowed.Saline is useful because it kills off a lot of the invasive microbes that cause gum disease, bad breath, etc without harming most of the beneficial ones that come in handy for fighting off infections.(most body tissues are slightly salty and mildly acidic, so most of the sympathetic or 'symbiotic' organisms that help us to survive are tolerant to salty %26 acidic conditions)Unfortunately, most commercially-available oral hygiene preparations are fairly strongly alkaline, because they are designed to neutralise the acids that dental-plaque bacteria produce when they digest sugars.Rinsing with salt water before brushing will improve the effectiveness of any other oral hygiene methods. This can also be done at other times of the day, such as before %26 after eating.
There is a mouthwash called Peroxyl by Colegate, it is about 拢3.99. It does not stain and isn't too strong, my daughter thinks it is the best one.The only thing is i do not know if a supermarket stocks it but if you ring Colegate they are based in Guildford if you ring 118 for the number, i am sure they will be able to tell you the nearest stockist. Hope this helps.
Corsodyl mouthwash is designed for patients who suffer with Gum Disease and it's recommended that once you finish the bottle you return to normal mouthwash!
Listerine is quite a popular brand and comes in various bottles for various dental ailments, such as Teeth/gum defence, Tartar Control, and your regular Listerine.


  1. Looking for a good mouthwash that's alcohol-free & got fluoride in it. I really don't want Crest which stains your teeth. I'm in Canada. Thank u

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