Saturday, August 8, 2009

What will a dentist do for a chipped tooth?

It depends on how big the chip is... We can not possibly answer without more information.
I had a chipped tooth years ago. A dentist put some type of cement on the chipped area. When it hardened it looked alright.
It depends on where it is. If it's one of the front teeth he'll probably put a cap on if it's too bad. Or he could contour it by smoothing off the rough edges and leave it the way it is. If it's a molar he could fill it, or put a cap on it, or smooth it down. Again, this would depend on how bad the chip is.
Either a cap, or, if the chip is small, he will use a UV hardened white epoxy. He will grind out the chip, to make sure he is down to clean tooth area, fill it, hit it with the UV and then, he will sand it with emory cloth and a horicle (a little file to use between the teeth).
They can probably put a crown on it. That's expensive if you don't have dental insurance. Or they can do tooth extraction. I got a chipped tooth from head collision i got into with another player playing basketball. It was year and three months ago. It feels fine for now.
My sister's husband was in a car accident, and chipped and broke several teeth. First, they removed them. He has a plate with teeth that fit perfect, and look perfect. Individual ones can be ground down, and capped. They're really good these days. I had extensive oral surgery myself, and was awake the whole time. It took a couple of hours, with 2 dentists. With the pain medication, you don't feel a single thing.
I've cracked off 4 of my front teeth. My dentist just used a white filling material to re-construct them. Nobody's been able to tell the difference.
The dentist will probably start by checking the tooth's nerves to make sure the tooth is still alive. Mine has done this a number of different ways, from cold air, to this electrode thing. Once he knows the tooth is ok, he/she will probably numb the area and reconstruct the tooth.

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