Saturday, August 8, 2009

What type of toothpaste do you use?

Anything that doesn't have fluoride--
Plain baking soda.
Polident ... really holds in my dentures...
Sensodyne with floride, now I can eat cold %26 hot things!!
Crest (the Cinnamon-y kind)
My dentist suggested: colgate, total, so that is what I use.
crest, minty one
i use colgate or w.e =]
I had this GREAT dentist that told me that toothpaste is for FUN.
It's good that he told me that...'cause it makes me GAG! It's the brushing that counts.not the paste. I like Sensodyne... because I'm older and have partial-plates... but before... I liked Colgate... just 'cause it's ALSO good for bug bites and poison-ivy! The important thing about brushing your teeth is the WAY you do it and for HOW long. Flossing is the BEST! Do it after you brush.while watching TV or reading is the best. Just as long as you get all the plaque out from between your teeth and making sure you RINSE! Believe me... you don't WANT dentures or a partial plate! Hugs, Gina C.
Did you know that tooth paste was invented in Kentucky? Well if had been invented anywhere else it would have been called teeth paste. So I don't use "tooth" paste. Now don't you good folks in Kentucky take offense, I could've named any one of the areas in the Arkabamasee region. All right, go ahead, take your best shot.
Colgate Total or Crest Whitening Expressions... depends on what's in the house at the moment.
Crest Rejuvenating Effects. A couple of times a week I add a bit of baking soda and kosher salt to help cut down on staining from tea and coffee.Works great for whitening and freshening and does not strip or damage my tooth enamel like a lot of commercial whitening will do.Gina C is completely correct about flossing, I have worked in an oral surgeons office and have seen the damage that can be done by skipping the flossing, including a women in her mid twenties who had extensive damage to the nerves and soft tissue due to decay from between the teeth. She rarely flossed, and her teeth were causing her to have multiple infections in her mouth. My family and I learned to floss twice daily after knowing about her going through that experience. Happy smiling and healthy teeth.
Crest with scope
Well my dad, being a dentist uses and reccomends Aquafresh. Also stay away from toothpastes that have whitening because they make your teeth sensitive
The best toothpaste is Arm and Hammer, Brilliant Sparkle With baking soda and proxside, it works amazing and taste very good, scrubby bubbley lol, another good tooth paste is Colgate.
Arm and hammer is pretty much the best. Advance White is amazing too,
Crest Pro-Health.
None, I brush after I eat (and floss when I remember to) but I don't use toothpaste. I use baking soda occasionally for stains.I've had a suspicion that toothpaste is detrimental to your teeth when I went hitchhiking and didn't always have facilities for tooth brushing, so I did as above and my teeth actually healed the cavities that I had already. None of them were huge mind you, just little 'x's on top but after a few months they were covered with a nice new layer of white bone.We know that our other bones heal, it isn't so surprising that our teeth do as well.
Crest Pro-Health

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