Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What is the best anti-cavity mouthwash?

I like Act. It claims to strengthen teeth to prevent tooth decay and alcohol free. It also contains flouride. They just came out with a restoring mouthwash that claims to restore mineral to soft spots, strengthens enamel to prevent tooth decay, and kills bad breath germs. =)
Jason product. GO to a Health Food Store to find them. You can not get them at regular grocery store or wal-mart or drug store.
ACT fluoride rinse
You can find a lot of them in the department store. just try to read the label and if they what suits you, then purchase it.
There is basically only two commerically available mouthrinses that have antibiotic or anticavity properties, one is prescription one is not. Listerine with its active ingrediant Thymol has clinical studies to back up it anticavity claims. The agent is a oil-based resin that has to be dissolved in a high alcohol carrier, hence the strong flavor. Chlorhexidine is available by prescription only, trade name Peridex or Perioguard, also has strong clinical studies that back is anticariogenic properties. New studies are showing that some herbal or "organic" remedies have been showing good results... ask your dentist what he/she thinks is right for you

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