Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What is the best at home teeth whitener out there?

Has anyone tried any that really work? Can you really tell the difference?
Baking soda %26 it does help. :)
Crest White Strips are good OTC product. See a Dentist for super fast, but expensive results. After whitening avoid food and drinks that can stain teeth, or brush after meals.
I actually use the store brand of Listerine's pre-brush rinse and I love it. People have actually said that my teeth looked whiter after only a month of using it once a day. Its only a mouthwash, so its very easy and quick to use. I've never tried anything else, though.
Premium Crest Whitestrips! They can really irritate your gums, but it's only temporary, so if you can stand the pain, you'll see amazing results! I know I did, but my teeth were pretty white before I used them. They make your teeth brilliantly white and gorgeous, up to 5 shades brighter. It lasts up to 14 months, but mine are still super white and it's been 18 months. The kit is about $35, which has everything you need. Well worth the money. Good luck!
I am a dental assistant, and I must say Crest White Strips are by far the best. I have done on myself the most expensive kind of in office bleaching, and have also used the white strips. The white strips were JUST AS GOOD. And you save about 300$.
Most whitening methods have equal results with the biggest variables reliant on speed and compliance. In-office treatment can be done in one session or multiple sessions. Custom trays can be made by your dentist for home use. Whitening strips/trays, gels, toothpastes, and mouthrinses are all available at your local store. If you need it done yesterday and money isn't a factor go to your dentist. Strips will work with time but compliance is a must (follow the instructions). Keep in mind that toilet-bowl white teeth are not a natural look and you can damage your teeth with excessive use.

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