Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What is the best way to get ride of gingivitis?

I can't afford to go to the dentist and my gums are really sore. I brush them all the time but they still bleed.
First thing is to talk to your dentist and get the proper medication. After your gingivitis clears, start using proper brushing techniques as well as flossing everyday.
Are you flossing well? I had it, too, and it's hard to get rid of. I don't even know how I got it to begin with. When you floss, be sure to get around EVERY tooth so there is no plaque in your mouth. Use mouthwash as well.
GET A NEW TOOTHBRUSH FIRST! Then make sure to floss and use mouth wash at least once a day and it should clear up in about a week. But def, get a new toothbrush. I change mine once a month and I don't get it anymore.
Aren't you a dental technician? According to your profile... maybe you should consider changing your job if you don't know that much...simple answer... google gingivitis and treatment
use listerine mouth wash it kills a lot of germs.
Get a softer toothbrush and use the strongest mouthwash 2wice a day...thATS WHAT i do b/c i cant afford the dentist either if it doesnt work then you kindda have to go
Brush, floss, use an antiseptic mouthwash.Save some money - see a dentist. A cleaning will cost maybe $100.
Bush for minimum of 2 mins 2X day. Floss daily. Use Listerine.
I knw it really hurts bad
I am giving you a link below and you can check that out
I really hope this will help you
take care
Brush twice a day, floss every day and rinse with mouthwash few times a week
Gingivitis is the early stage of gum disease, which can be treated and reversed if diagnosed early. The signs and symptoms are red, swollen and puffy gums that bleed easily. If treatment is not received, gingivitis could progress into periodontitis, an advanced and more serious stage of gum disease which includes bone loss and is not reversible. Gum disease is one of the main causes of tooth loss in adults and has also been linked to heart attacks and strokes.
Brushing twice a day, flossing daily, regular dental checkups and dental cleanings are the best preventions against gum disease
it takes a lot of work: this routine must be done at least twice a day; first thing in the morning, last thing at night: ready? first, use a pre-brush rinse, like plax. brush using an electric toothbrush. manual toothbrushes don't do the trick, esp. in the back of the teeth. also, get a waterpick, and irrigate your gums. Ask your dentist to show you the proper way to floss. Before you do any of this, go to the dentist and get checked: you may need dental intervention at this point. As a starting point, have your doctor professionally clean your teeth. Lastly, your diet may be the problem. Supplement Vit. C, etc. It cracks me up when people say they can't afford things. That's just ignorance and fear. Whatever you're spending your money on now, set some aside for your dentist before it's too late. Haven't you heard? Gum infections can travel to your heart and even kill you, so... wake up! Call around... some dentists are cheaper than others. My dentist only charges $30 to clean my teeth; I do it every three months. Every six months is recommended.
Brush for 2 mins a day, at least 2 times a day. Use an electric toothbrush, it'll get more plaque than manual toothbrushes. Floss daily. It's best to get a cleaning from your dentist to get the hardened plaque off. Some offices offer payment plans. Good luck!
Gingivitis is mainly caused by the accumulation of dental plaque but there are also other factors that might be causing it. If you have always been maintaining a good oral hygiene then it might be due to hormonal changes for example. Disturbances in the menstrual Cycle in ladies can be associated with gingivitis, pregnancy, depression, emotional disturbances and certain drugs can all be the causative factors of gingivitis.What you have to do is to continue maintaining your oral hygiene and concider the other factors that I have told you about to see if they are the source of the problem.

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