Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What is the best way to take out your stitches after having a molar and or a wisdom tooth removed?

You should have a follow up scheduled with your oral surgeon who will take them out. If they're the dissolving stitches then they'll disolve in about 2-3 weeks give or take. When I had my stitches taken out a few weeks ago my oral surgeon told me if the ends moved and started poking me to drop by and they'd trim them down.
OOh girl I suggest leave it alone. but my husband got tweezer's and gently pulled them out... it didn't bleed ...
i recently had my wisdom teeth removed and i had to stitch the bottom area. my dentist told me that it would come out by itself in a couple of days, but it still didn't come out. eventually it will though
They are disolving stitches they will disappear on their own. I had the same thing done, they disoloved. If they did not make you a follow up app. to have them taken out they will disolve on their own.
They will dissolve on their own.
I took 4 out 3 weeks ago. One came off when I was rinsing with warm salt water. Another while eating. They eventually come off on their own.

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